Roman Moriceau → Biennale De L'image Possible

February 17th - April 1st, 2018

La Boverie, Liège

"Fluo Noir"

Roman Moriceau's work is presented in the "FLUO NOIR" exhibition at La Boverie - Parc de la Boverie 3 - Liège. Trained at the Beaux-Arts d'Angers, Roman Moriceau (1976, lives and works in Paris) produces sensory works that are as seductive as they are venomous. Captivating and multi-sensory - the materials and manufacturing process play a fundamental role in their conception - they reveal themselves to be polysemic.

As Julie Crenn writes with finesse, "if the aesthetics of the work are plastically seductive, we have to get closer to detect the weirdness. The artist develops atypical technical processes by appropriating a range of materials taken directly from our everyday lives: pollutants, chemical components, food products and natural elements. His singular choices generate a space where criticism and displacement are possible. (...) In particular, the artist has chosen to transpose images of starry skies onto paper using an original technique: screen-printing with waste oil. A toxic material that is difficult to recycle and actively contributes to climate change. The technique awakens consciences, while the subject refers to a theory based on the idea that humans and all that surrounds them are nothing but stardust. (...) With intelligence and accuracy, Roman Moriceau works out the flaws and inconsistencies of a system where consumerism prevails over reason."

La Boverie
Parc de la Boverie 3

© Gilles Ribero