Galerie Derouillon was founded in Paris in 2013 by Benjamin Derouillon and is dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging contemporary artists. Since its inception, Galerie Derouillon has put the emphasis on providing young artists a long term support in every stage of production, exhibition and dissemination of our artists’ practice.

The main focus is on international emerging artists, creating a community and bonds with historical and more established artists through curated group shows. Collaboration is an important feature in the ecosystem of the gallery as we dedicate ourselves in creating relationships between artists, galleries and institutions by producing books, exhibitions as well as working closely with public and private institutions.


We currently do not accept any unsolicited artist submissions.


Galerie Derouillon, Étienne Marcel
13 rue de Turbigo, 75002
Wednesday - Saturday, 2 pm - 7 pm 

Galerie Derouillon, Hôtel Cromot du Bourg
Only by appointment

Galerie Derouillon, Haut Marais
38 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003
Thursday - Saturday, 2pm - 7pm


Email: contact@derouillon.com


Instagram: @galeriederouillon