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The Form follows information exhibition brings together creations that materialize the invisible. It presents objects whose contours are based on sociological data, scientific facts or spiritual considerations. Some pieces are figurative, while others, with more elaborate mechanics, shed deceptive appearances to reveal other forms of reality. The pyramid of ages becomes a jar, the territory is deformed according to our presence, a mathematical riddle is interpreted in volume, containers invite meditation... By seizing abstractions and giving them form, design strives to represent things so that they take on substance. It produces representations that allow us to see the known differently, or to catch a glimpse of the imperceptible. But what is the meaning of manufactured objects? Are they supports for knowledge? Do they propose aesthetic reflections? Do they challenge our beliefs? The exhibition presents a diorama of objects with a variety of powers: objects of research, objects of contemplation, objects of memory, objects of camouflage... Without abandoning its decorative or utilitarian vocation, design here fashions aesthetic reliefs for thought and imagination.

Studio GGSV

Studio GGSV was founded in 2011 by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard. They won the Carte Blanche VIA award in 2011 for their research project {objet} trou noir. They are published by Galerie Cat Berro, Petite Friture and Made in design. Their association produces atypical expertise ranging from curatorial work to scenography, from product design to interior design, including prospective studies for industrial groups. They work for ACCOR, CEA, EDF R&D, La Cité du Design and Le Lieu du Design. They were also called in to design the interior architecture of an art center in Aix-en-Provence and the Centre Dramatique National d'Aubervilliers, La Commune. Meanwhile, Gaëlle Gabillet teaches design at the École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims, and Stéphane Villard heads the INFORME Project Workshop at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle/ Les Ateliers.

With the participation of:

Studio Millimètre, Théophile Blandet, Hélène Labadie, Mathieu Lehanneur, Orange Labs, Anthill Art, Andy Lomas, Marianne Cardon, Camille Jego, Collectif Métaphorm & David Henon, Steve McPherson, Roman Moriceau, Pool Design, Studio Swine, Chris Kabel, Adrien Lardet, Mathieu Mercier, Jussi Angesleva et Ross Cooper, Konstantin Datz, Laura Couto-Rosado, Scenocosme, Chris Martinez, BCXSY, Bonnefrite & Marion Pinaffo, Valentin Dommanget, Felipe Ribon, Madeleine Montaigne, Laureline Galliot, Nick Cobby, Dennis Parren, Edwige Massart & Xavier Wynn, Studio GGSV

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