Roman Moriceau → Traumneustartversuch

March 1st - 31st, 2017

Âme Nue Artspace, Hamburg


Roman Moriceau, a contemporary French artist, generates a composition of thoughts and states of consciousness relating to the particular materiality from which things are made. In his conceptual artwork he draws a society that is imaginary but also accurate, embodying a lost ideal that takes us back to the “verdant paradise of childhood loves”, as Baudelaire puts it in the poem “Moesta et errabunda” from Les Fleurs du mal. The gentle poetry of things and objects —suspended in his mixed media artistic narration, full of tender regrets and vague desire—invites us to contemplate a nature which we consider to exist by itself, protected against change, free from damage or decline. It presents a particular world of fragile beauty, endangered by mankind: ephemeral flowers and animals; fleeting scents; insubstantial copper dust … Traumneustartversuch, his first solo show in Âme nue, is a reference to the attempt, usually futile, to regain a dream state after waking up, as defined in Ben Schott’s collection of neologisms (Schottenfreude, Éditions du Soussol). By dealing/—/through the materiality of his art/—/with the things of eternity, the principle of life, human movement and thought, Roman Moriceau raises the question of the soulsearching in which everyone needs to engage, and of how the future will evolve.

Âme Nue Artspace
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2
20459 Hamburg