Nøne Futbol Club → 60 Ans Salon De Montrouge

May 1st - 30th, 2015

Montrouge, France

Nøne Futbol Club: "Taking over the public space is a chance to become part of a reality, to come into direct contact with the public without the filter of the traditional exhibition space, and to present an image, a gesture or an idea in the social sphere in the most immediate way possible.

Our proposal for the square on Avenue de la République in Montrouge is in two parts. During the day, in the middle of the fountain, a face is stretched across an aluminium structure that is usually used to hang promotional messages.

The octagonal (hollow) aluminium structure is pierced with holes. The water from the pool is pumped and channelled into the structure, spraying out through the holes, transforming the work into a fountain. When night falls and until the park closes, the lampposts, whose bulbs have been replaced by flashing lights, will come on and flash, transforming our perception of the site.