Nils Guadagnin → Triennale De Vendôme

May 23rd - October 31st, 2015

Manège Rochambeau - Musée de Vendôme

Nils Guadagnin is interested in the thresholds of perception between the material and the immaterial. He tries to go beyond representation based on the laws of rationality, attracted by what is elusive, beyond the limits of understanding certain phenomena. He plays with the rules of gravity, trying to outwit its characteristics towards a dimension without physical constraints. The presence of the works interacts with the space, revealing its voids, interstices and reflections. In his drawings and sculptures, combining materials such as metal, wood, resin, gold leaf, volcanic stone and fluorescent tubes, he mobilizes the senses, inviting visitors to consider the possibility of the impalpable, the limitless.

Gunther Ludwig