Mathilde Albouy / Julian Farade → Collection Lambert x Poush

February 10th - May 12th, 2024

Collection Lambert, Avignon (FR)

"Revenir du présent, regards croisés sur la scène actuelle"
Lambert Collection invites Poush
Group show

Collection Lambert in Avignon and POUSH have joined forces to mount an exhibition in the heart of the Papal City, presenting the work of some forty artists-in-residence from this burgeoning artists' incubator in Greater Paris. Organised through the prism of a contemporary art centre and a collective space for artistic creation, ''Revenir du présent'' is intended as an echo chamber in which works by a multitude of artists and gestures resonate, bearing witness to the art being made here - in France - and now. The work of artists from all regions and nationalities, housed in the bustling POUSH studios in Aubervilliers (93), sketches out the contours of a plural French scene, open to the world and aware of the complexity of contemporary issues. The curators, Stéphane Ibars and Yvannoé Kruger, have set about organising a triangulation between the new Parisian territories, the neighbourhoods of the Avignon conurbation and the projects they run.

Conceived as a long journey, the exhibition invites those who experience it to experience a succession of climates in which possible representations of our relationship with the world unfold. Rituals, pilfering, fables, dreams and other spatial transformations infiltrate the rooms of Collection Lambert to thwart in advance the reality of a future forged in darkness. The exhibition is the fruit of a joint reflection on the support given to creation and production, and on the care taken not only to ensure that the works are properly placed in their exhibition context, but also to welcome artists and offer them advice as they reflect on their work.

With the participation of: Carla Adra, Mathilde Albouy, Estèla Alliaud, Hugo Avigo, Abdelhak Benallou, Djabril Boukhenaissi, Apollinaria Broche, Grégory Chatonsky, Salomé Chatriot, Gaëlle Choisne, Max Coulon, Morgan Courtois, Xolo Cuintle, Marlon De Azambuja, Marie De Villepin, Cyril Debon, Julian Farade, Cledia Fourniau, Laura Garcia Karras, Gerard & Kelly, Célia Gondol, Pascal Hachem, Arash Hanaei, Michel Jocaille, Nika Kutateladze, Anne Le Troter, Matisse Mesnil, Daniel Otero Torres, Margot Pietri, Luca Resta, Edgar Sarin, Ugo Schildge, Laura Sellies, Erwan Sene, Félix Touzalin, Dune Varela, Ittah Yoda.

© David Giancatarina