Diane Dal-Pra → Yuz Museum

March 3rd - June 9th, 2024

Yuz Project Space of Art, Yuz Museum, Shanghai (CN)

Diane Dal-Pra
"Inside the folds"
Solo show
Yuz Project Space of Art x Xue Zhu Bower
Yuz Museum, Shanghai

Diane Dal-Pra graduated with a BA in Design from the University Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux (2013) and received special mention from the jury for a postgraduate in Art from Les arènes, Toulouse (2015).

In 2019, Diane Dal-Pra was awarded the Laureate prize in a completion led by curator Edoardo Monti and completed an artist's residency at Palazzo Monti (Brescia, Italy). She was also part of a residency project at Villa Noailles (Hyères, France).

Diane Dal-Pra’s psychological assemblages reveal multiple layers of our intimacy. Focusing on our daily life rituals, she examines our relationship with objects and how they become poetic supports of introspection. The composition of her psychological assemblages accentuate a sense of dissolution and the physical sensations of the material. We move through silent wastelands, remnants of a vanished moment. Her muffled atmospheres capture the ambivalence of simple but very introspective solitary moments, almost dizzying and engulfing. Diane Dal-Pra carries us through an endless insomniac time in which a fake quietness gives way to ominous sensation. Silence plays a key role in the composition of the paintings, first soothing breathing and then putting in tension.

About the Yuz Museum

Yuz Museum Shanghai, officially opened in May of 2014, is a contemporary art museum founded by Mr. Budi Tek, a Chinese-Indonesian entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector. Yuz Museum is committed to drawing the world’s attention to Shanghai, advancing the development of contemporary Chinese art, actively engaging in the field of art education, and promoting cultural dialogues between East and West. As a non-profit institution, the museum aims to serve as a leader in exhibiting contemporary Chinese art and to build a preeminent reputation for contemporary art in China.

Since its opening in 2014, the Yuz Museum has been the home of many internationally acclaimed exhibitions such as the world’s largest Giacometti Retrospective, the Rain Room, the Asia premieres of Andy Warhol’s Shadow, KAWS’s first institutional exhibition in mainland China Where the End Starts, Charlie Chaplin: A Vision, etc.

Installation view of “Diane Dal-Pra: Inside the Folds” at Yuz Project Space of Art, Shanghai, 2024
Photo by Alessandro Wang
Courtesy of Yuz Museum and Yuz Foundation

Diane Dal-Pra

Parallel paths, 2023
Oil on linen
86 2/3 x 43 inches