For Artissima 2023, Galerie Derouillon proposes a new set of works by Julian Farade (b.1986) and Mathilde Albouy (b.1997) for the Monologue/Dialogue section.

Produced especially for Artissima 2023, the new pieces by both artists explore new mediums and formats in their practice. 

Julian Farade uses bronze for the first time and sculpts in three dimensions the vocabulary he usually develops in his paintings and drawings. He explores human emotions through a vocabulary of recurring figures that he arranges in all his works and that disappear at first glance to let us read a very expressionist overall composition. The contrasts of the vivid colors of his paintings give way to those of the reliefs and patinas of the bronze. He simplifies his compositions in the bas-reliefs by concentrating on his gesture, which scratches and digs into the material, isolating signs to focus attention on them. The 3D works focus on a single element of his vocabulary, giving a physical dimension to the works whose material oxidizes and patinates from contact.

With references to feminist science fiction and the hybridization of various narratives, Mathilde Albouy’s work articulates sculpture and installation. She uses the fictions generated by her pieces as political tools to question an established, binary reality. She hijacks objects and materials, testing them with simple gestures to produce assemblages of organic and manufactured materials.

Both Farade and Albouy’s works appeal to a deep materiality and to the physical sensations of the viewer.

© Grégory Copitet ©Yosuke Kojima