Jonas Lindstroem → "Don't You Ever Wonder If We Are The Best We Could Be?"

January 9th - 15th, 2019

Galerie Derouillon, Haut Marais

With the support of ICONOCLAST

TRUTH OR DARE – 21 Performances
(2017, single channel video, stereo sound, digital projection, 13:46min., continuous loop).

The current political chaos tempts us to expand our personal anxieties, too. Numbness develops into revolt. Revolt into a collective. The collective into new-found hope. Fall into the arms of the stranger and take a picture – it will last longer. Slick your hair back and blow your brains out. Wipe the sand from your eyes and look into the orange glow.

Jonas Lindstroem’s film TRUTH OR DARE – 21 Performances acts as an exercise in relating to oneself through others, presenting 21 unique narratives sourced from the imaginary minds of a global generation. The film is best described as an elevated reflection on the content found on mobile devices around the world whose search histories reveal queries from activism to meme-culture. Presented as a space-filling single channel video installation featuring 21 cinematic vignettes in a continuous loop. Bespoke Soundtrack by Innsyter (LA Club Resource), Styling Marc Goehring, Cinematography Nicolai Niermann. First Presentation Spring 2017 at Galerie Johann König, Berlin.

The sharp pain you wonder about sometimes is felt by us all.