Group Show → Cette Vie Qu'on Mène ...

July 5th - 25th, 2015

Galerie Derouillon, Haut Marais

With works by:
Ana Kraš
Lele Saveri
Alessandro Simonetti
& Peter Sutherland

Photographies © Grégory Copitet

This life we live…

An alternative, it has always been the point. How to get away with it, making up one’s life without getting trapped in that banal life? How to build oneself fueled with sole passion? When this idea is not only a vague thought but becomes obsessive, photography is sometime that alternative way, a solution. A camera in hands and it is an excuse to run the world, discover and meet. It is the best buddy for any adventure as well as self education best teacher. An intense practice and some experience, a bit of luck and greatness can make photography a rite of passage for the construction of an individual self. That is for the general job, even for photography as a craft.

At the end of this path, sometimes lies Art. The quest is almost over, the Graal within arms reach. The only true escape to the world as it is comes from Art and the unique, poetic, innovative and lifesaving vision its practitioners have, it has always been. So what’s better than photography to sharpen and build one’s own vision of the world after it has been witnessed and captured.

Talking about the world. To be born there (Belgrad, Serbia for Ana Kraš, Roma and Bassano Del Grappa respectively for Lele Saveri and Alessandro Simonetti or Colorado Springs in Colorado for Peter Sutherland) and live here. Here being New York City, this improvised Neverland, haunted by artists and the makers of our time. The creative bohemia and the worldwide youth have met there to make it the arty Babylonia of our era. That is their capital and it’s been ages it has been. So inviting artists from New York City is not really giving up in front of the American Dream exoticism. It’s rather call those who made a radical choice, to live as artists among artists. It is stopping some of the actors populating the art scene of today while they’re on the move, jumping from a point to another experimenting the speed of our time. It is a village lifestyle at the world scale, connecting, meet, make, show, exist, Live.

Thibault Choay / CLASSIC