Above And Below

January 29th - March 4th, 2015

Galerie Derouillon, Haut Marais

Curated by Franck Bendahan

Galerie Derouillon is pleased to present ABOVE AND BELOW, a group exhibition curated by Franck Bendahan. The exhibition includes works by international emerging artists for their first time in Paris : John Dante Bianchi, Doug Cloninger, Alessandro Moroder, Steven Cox, Joan Saló, Jesper Skov Madsen from New York, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Berlin and Copenhagen.

ABOVE AND BELOW presents new works of artists who all use the canvas as a platform of technical experimentations with various materials each related to specific concerns. The mediums employed by the artists change their use-value by capturing feelings like emergency or violence. It is a dialogue between the imagery of representation, paintings into the digital era, and emotional power of art.

The title of the exhibition refers to a reflection about the acquaintance between aesthetics and its materialization. Paintings are here objects resulting of nontraditional processes, embracing a reinterpretation of traditional painting based on constructing and deconstruction. For his Bruised Panels John Dante Bianchi explains « I want to achieve a balance of abjection and beauty, where space, time, and depth are flattened out.»

Photographies © Grégory Copitet