Diane Dal-Pra → Remaining Parts

October 18th - November 26th, 2022

Galerie Derouillon, Étienne Marcel

Logical moves, inevitable result
There are just some slow engulfment
- Evaporate overnight -
A hairpine has fallen on the green ground
Can I talk better about what’s gone than showing the remaining parts ? Soft moistness, enveloping humidity
From solid to gaseous
It’s a never ending crossing
And all that remains
still - robust - heavy
Drowned into the massive blue shadows
Our peaceful wastelands
Tender totems of our motionless slips
Colours of our floating passages

Diane Dal-Pra

Diane Dal-Pra’s psychological assemblages reveal multiple layers of our intimacy. Focusing on our daily life rituals, she examines our relationship with objects and how they become poetic supports of introspection. The exhibition "Remaining Parts" strips away its psychological assemblages accentuating a sense of dissolution and the physical sensations of the material. We move through silent wastelands, remnants of a vanished moment. Her muffled atmospheres capture the ambivalence of simple but very introspective solitary moments, almost dizzying and engulfing. Diane Dal-Pra carries us through an endless insomniac time in which a fake quietness gives way to ominous sensation. Silence plays a key role in the exhibition as well as in the composition of the paintings, first soothing breathing and then putting in tension. We dive into a riddle sharing with Bachelard’s Water and Dreams an aqueous imagination of matter, where a drop of water could dissolve the night.

Marion Coindeau

Diane Dal-Pra
Green Elevation, 2022
Oil on linen
98 3/8 x 78 3/4 inches

© Grégory Copitet